How To Get Hired In The Film Industry

Getting the first job in film industry can be quite difficult. However, with proper information and steps might make the process easier. The following tips will help you to navigate your way towards a television or film career.

film-industryBefore starting your search, narrow down your career choices so you will know what exactly to look for. There are hundreds of entertainment career options available, such as casting director, cinematographer, film director, screenwriter and many more. So first decide, which career you would like to pursue, as all of them can be lucrative and fulfilling.

Whether to go to film school has been an age old question and mostly the answer is divided right down the middle. Making it in the industry does not solely depend on whether you have a degree or not. Moreover, it’s often looked down upon by the executives in studios. Your ingenuity would be a more important asset. To make it in the filming industry, you must be creative, intelligent and an original person. Even more importantly, you should also be a social person who will be able to market himself or herself well. A lot of useful connections will also be helpful to get you to the top.

Seeking a career in the entertainment industry you must understand how difficult it is to break into. It’s incredibly competitive, so directorthey in very few new people. Because of this high competition, the executives more often hire only the people they know. Knowing the person they are hiring, they already his or her personality, know how well the person can get along with co-workers, know how reliable the person is and understand his or her abilities and strengths in work. It’s common in most of the careers and though it might seem sad, for them it is beneficial. That’s why if you don’t have any connections, it is important that you learn how to network. It can really help to get a good job. So if you have fears and shyness, you will have to get over it.

Starting out working in films, networking is the real key. If you do not have your own network yet, you should start small and then slowly move up. You must continually expand the network. Meet your friends and then meet the friends of your friends. You can even use the social network of your parents and friends.

However, do not exclude people from your network if they do not work in the entertainment industry. All of them are working in different professional fields and you never know the people they might know or the kind of resources they might have. If they know someone who can help you with the job, or someone who knows someone else, they might be able to introduce you and help you out.

This is how it works: you keep making new connections until your find the right person who can land you your dream job. So starting in the film industry really translates into knowing how to network.


Ways To Get Your Movie Financed

Financing is an essential aspect of any movie making. Without money the movie can’t exist. If you decided to produce a movie, you probably have a certain figure in your mind that’s required to make the movie happen. But how do you find an investor who is willing to fund your movie? If this is your first movie and no one knows your name in the industry, it will not be an easy task to find the right financier. But the following tips might help you to understand how you can get financing for your movie.

Finding Investors

financeRaising money for the movie can be the most difficult part of making a movie, but it can be done. First, you need to set a realistic budget. Research similar to your movies and see how much it cost them to produce and market the movie. With this information you can develop a clear and realistic business plan for your project.

Provide your potential investors with a well-made business plan, a timeline for recouping their money, at least an approximate one, a synopsis of the film and the list of actors involved in the movie. Also, they will need to know the cost per point of the film.

Remember that your first movie will probably not make you a fortune and most likely you won’t make any profit at all. It’s all about the big picture, so use it just as a stepping stone and keep your head up.

Government funding

Depending on the subject matter of your film, there are some film grants available. However, they are very few, so not something you should really count on. In some states you can get a tax rebate, but the film has to be of a certain monetary level to qualify for it. But probably it won’t work for the size of your film.


donationsThis is also one of the possible ways to get someone to finance your film production. There are some people that are really into movies, so they are ready to help wherever they can. Through donations you find crew members, filming equipment, as well as finances. These people can willingly volunteer their time and equipment, so you should treat them like gold.


With crowdfunding you can pitch your film ideas to crowds of people, who are enthusiastic and crowdfundingwilling to sponsor movie projects. Some filmmakers have succeeded in raising the entire movie budget. Though it’s recommended to crowdfund just a few thousand dollars, just to test that your movie concept is appealing to the audience. Because you will still need real money outside of the crowds. This crowdfunding you can test with the initial audience your movie idea and then if it’s a good result go into a pitch with a prospective film investor. Having a successful crowdfunding campaign to prove your great movie concept. You will already have proof that there is interest in the marketplace for your movie and this will help the potential investors starting moving and investing.


The Movies That Inspire You to Travel

The movies listed below are some of the most inspiring travel movies. Their settings and story makes you hop on a vacation at once in search of adventures, relaxation and broadening of your horizons. Seeing all these amazing places on screen, makes you want to quit your job and hop on the first flight to anywhere outside your country.

Into the Wild

into_the_wildInto the Wild is based on a moving true story of Christopher McCandless. In this film adaption a young American student has a good future going for him, but he decides to drop everything. He abandons everything, donates to Oxfam all his money and disappears into the wild. The story follows McCandless on his amazing journey through the North America wilds in his search of happiness and reconnection with the world of nature. The movie will trigger in anyone love for the nature of the wild. It really shows what adventure is really all about.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

the-secret-life-of-walter-mittyThis movie was directed and starred by Ben Stiller, who acts as a protagonist who has problems distinguishing daydreams from reality. The Stiller’s character travels to Iceland in an attempt to recover the missing negative, which is needed for the final cover image of Life magazine’s print edition, where he is employed. The settings in the movie feature beautiful scenes of Iceland with amazing views of the countryside and the ocean that will make anyone add it to the list of countries to visit.

Seven Years in Tibet

seven-years-in-tibetThis movie is an adaptation of the 1952 memoirs of Austria’s Heinrich Harrer, played by Brad Pitt, and the story tells his experiences during World War II. Harrer was a mountaineer who left his wife and son for a Himalayan expedition in 1939. But in India he was captured and imprisoned by Allied forces. The story follows him as he escapes from prison and travel to Tibet and into the Forbidden City of Lhasa. It’s also a spiritual journey for him as he meets Dalai Lama and becomes his tutor. The two form a lasting friendship. The beautiful and peaceful setting in the country of Tibet is really inspiring to leave the mundane life of your city and explore the world.

The Motorcycle Diaries    

The_Motorcycle_DiariesIn this 2004 movie the story follows the 23-year old medical student Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, who later became known as Che Guevara. In 1952 he and his biochemist friend Alberto Grenado start out on their 4 month and 8,000 km journey on a motorcycle throughout South America. They start out from their home in Buenos Aires and finish the quest on the other side of the continent in Venezuela, in the Guajira Peninsula. On their trip they explore the continent on which they live, passing beautiful sceneries. The movie makes you feel relentless and inspires the love for the open road.

The Beach

The_Beach_filmThis movie also inspires, especially to travel to Thailand. The story is set in South East Asia and follows a twenty-something Richard who finds himself in possession of an unusual map. The map supposedly leads to a solitary beach paradise, so Richard is intrigued and sets out to find it. Upon finding the island, he also finds some other wayward souls who have settled there. However, the island turns out to be not as deserted as they thought. The Beach movie gives a real sense of adventure and makes you want to escape to some tropical country.